Best Places to shop for wedding rings in Sri Lanka

When you think of wedding bells, wedding rings automatically ring into the minds of the future to be bride and bridegroom. For the memorable wedding rings, Sri Lanka has become a reputable household name when it comes to jewellery and experts say Sri Lanka is one of the best places to buy Jewellery. Most shops have a variety of impressive collection of jewellery for an English bride, Muslim Bride, Kandyan Bride, or a Hindu Bride. The collection ranges from Diamond, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Silver to colored stone jewellery.

  • Jewellery in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been a famous destination for its precious and rare stones and gems and jewellery remains an important source of revenue to the country’s economy. With gem-mining centers like Ratnapura where local excavation is done, uncut gems are traded daily on the streets. All foreign visitors are offered stones to buy but unless you are an expert there is a strong chance that you might end up with an expensive colored glass. You might be persuaded to buy gems at a special cheap price with assurances that you will be able to resell them back home several times for the price you bought them for. Unless you are an expert you should avoid such deals.

There are so many jewelers in Sri Lanka who have experience and well trained craftsmen with excellent service where you can buy the best quality of jewellery with no worries that you are buying an expensive colored glass.

  • Best Shops for Wedding Jewellery in Sri Lanka

For Gold bridal jewellery and wedding rings there are some Jewelers I can recommend for the best quality services. This jeweler shops are found in Kurunegala, Gampaha, Colombo, and Kegalle.

1. Vogue Jewellers

2. Raja Jewellers

3. Nadika Jewellery

4. Wedding Ring

5. Unique Jewels (Pvt)

6. Shhree Devi Jewellery

7. Thrie Malee Gold House

Just to mention a few of the best quality wedding ring shops in Sri Lanka.Because the Wedding Day is a special occasion which you can make your wedding a memorable day by buying an elegant ring or stunning crafted necklaces. The designs are guaranteed to take your breath away by charming and elegant look no matter what you are wearing. You can even customize what you specifically want.

The Thrie Malee Gold House has a special wedding package the “Ran Heeya” .This comprises of five attractive packages which will suite your budget and worth the value of what you are buying with no hidden cost. They give nothing less than what you truly want and desire. Buying the right jewellery is about quality, durability that can last for a lifetime.

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10 Tips To Ensure That Your Wardrobe Design Works For You

Regardless of whether you are interested in a walk-in or a built-in wardrobe design, it is important to ensure that it works for you and your needs. This is why ready-made wardrobes are very rarely suitable, as they have not been built with your specific space and needs in mind. We have compiled these 10 tips to ensure that your design is working for you.

Mazzali: “Avenue” wardrobe / l’armadio “Avenue” . Bedroom and living area, image credit

  1. Maximize your usable space. Consider installing drawers instead of shelving or cupboards, as these will allow you to store more items. For spaces above shoulder height, however, shelving will be the better option, as you can see what is there.
  2. Maximize short hanging space. Try to keep your long hanging to a minimum and have another rail installed above your drawer units. This is a great place to store shirts, jackets, shorter dresses and even pants that have been folded in half.
  3. Allow for a laundry space. This could be as simple as a dirty clothesbasket or as intricate as a laundry chute, but your wardrobe design should have laundry provisions. We have even seen people install a washing machine and dryer!
  4. Allow for shoe storage. We are sure that you have a number of shoes that need a place to call home. Consider mounting your drawer and shelving units higher or putting them on legs so that you can store your shoes beneath them.
  5. Install a full-length mirror. It is extremely rare for a wardrobe or even a bathroom to offer a full-length mirror, so ensure that your design includes one. This will allow you to see your outfit, from head to toe, without needing to leave the room.
  6. Cabinetry should flow. If you have opted for built-in cabinetry for your wardrobe, it should utilise the same material and style as the vanity in your bathroom or any other cabinetry in your bedroom. This will ensure the same flow through the space.
  7. Make sure you have fun. At the end of the day, this is a private room so don’t be afraid to add a little personality. Why not paint one of the walls a bright or crazy colour, hang a wild wallpaper, install a chandelier, or turn it into a personal spa?
  8. You don’t need a window. In fact, having no windows can be a big plus for your wardrobe design – there is no chance someone will see you undressing! Whilst natural sunlight is nice, it can be achieved with a skylight rather than a window.
  9. Be sure to define the space. An issue can arise if you are using two different materials for flooring; just try to keep the colours as close as possible, even if the materials are different. Light tiles and light carpet will make the space look bigger.
  10. Fittings and decorative items. The size of the fittings and decorative elements in your wardrobe should suit the scale of the room, but they should have a cohesive flow with the bathroom and your bedroom to ensure they work together.

By following each of the above 10 tips, you can rest assured that your wardrobe design (whether it’s a built-in or a walk-in) is working for you. If you run into any problems with your design, make sure you speak with a wardrobe specialist – they will be able to answer your questions and offer suggestions regarding how to best proceed.

Important Factors For Choosing Traditional Stair Treads

These days, more and more homeowners are looking for traditional stairs that give their home a warm and welcoming feel as opposed to the cold and clinical feel that more modern designs invoke. Timber is often the material of choice for more traditional styles thanks to the fact that it is extremely durable and has a timeless quality that other materials lack. When choosing the tread for your stairs, however, it is important that you take a number of factors into account to ensure that your decision is appropriate.

Cherry Freestanding (looking down the main case) image by bladerunnerlover

The tread actually refers to the part of the step upon which you actually walk and it generally matches the overall appearance of the traditional stairs. It will, for example, be made using the same timber as the handrails, balusters and other components of the flight. But what factors should you be keeping in mind when it comes time to choose your treads?

  1. Choose a timber that will be appropriate for the amount of traffic in your home
    Your stair treads can be produced using almost any type of timber; you should keep in mind, however, that some are sturdier and will wear better than others. Trees are divided into either hard or soft woods, but it is important to remember that there are still a number of classifications within these categories; one softwood, for example, could be significantly harder than another.
    The challenge, then, lies in choosing a timber with the right degree of hardness or softness. Treads can be manufactured from either type of wood, and each will possess a long list of pros and cons that you must weigh up first. Hardwoods, on one hand, are sturdier but can be hard to work with. Softwoods, on the other hand, are easier to install but will suffer damage much faster.
  2. Know and understand the building codes and regulations associated with stairs
    Even if you aren’t building your traditional stairs yourself, it can be handy to have an understanding of your local building code, which will dictate almost every part of the construction. It will cover the depth of the step and its nose (which is the part that extends slightly over the riser) and offer a ‘best practice’ that all builders should follow when erecting stairs in a residential location.
    There are three reasons why you need to strictly follow your local code – firstly, you are actually required to by law; secondly, it will help to ensure the safety of all people using the stairs; and, thirdly, it ensures uniformity in building practices across the area. Without a code, it is likely that stairs will be built without any thought to these factors, which could result in injury and other accidents.

When choosing the treads for your traditional staircase design, it is important that you take both of the above factors into account. Not only will this ensure that your treads are perfectly safe for your children and even your grandparents to navigate, it will ensure that they comply with local building codes and that you don’t run into any difficulties with the council. The last thing that you want to deal with after paying all this money for the stairs to be built is a legal issue because they are deemed illegal or an accident has occurred.

Common Problems That Vertical Blinds Can Fix

In the eyes of many people, vertical blinds are an attractive addition to the home that presents the very best solution for controlling the amount of natural light permitted to enter the space. They can be opened fully, which allows light to flood the room, or even partially, which allows only a little light in, or closed fully, which completely blocks the light out. It is important to keep in mind that there may be other blind solutions that are more practical for the window in question, even if you prefer the look of vertical ones.

Sliding Glass Doors – This is one of the most difficult areas to choose window coverings for, as there is quite a large surface that must be covered. Whilst vertical blinds will fit, they are an unpopular option because of how messy they are to open and close. The best solution is to use two blinds that meet in the middle, as this allows you to open and close the one that covers the door portion of the window and leave the other stationary.

French Doors – This is another area that is difficult to choose window coverings for, as the door handles are known to interfere with their mechanics. You might like to choose blinds that feature a low profile head or, if you are stuck on the vertical option, you could install a feature that keeps the slats close to the door, such as a string or strip of fabric.

Bathroom Windows – The reason that the bathroom poses such a problem is that it is an area where moisture and damp are prevalent. You will need to plenty of ventilation to ensure that mold and mildew will not develop, but you will also want to ensure that you have an adequate amount of privacy. Some blinds are known to warp and crack over time in these conditions, so you need to choose a vertical option that will be able to withstand them.

Bay Windows – Whilst these areas are quite charming and look very nice, they are an absolute nightmare to choose window coverings for. Almost any type of blind or curtain can fit these openings, but you will need to have them custom made to ensure that they are a perfect match. This is because, more often than not, no two bays or the same.

Skylights – These are a common feature of many modern homes, but what about when you want to completely block the sun out? Whilst fitting vertical blinds to these areas is difficult, it is not impossible. You will just have to make sure that the slats are inserted into a track at the top and bottom, as this will hold them in place. You will be able to control these coverings mechanically, allowing you to open and close them at the push of a button.

There are, of course, a number of other problem areas inside your home that vertical blinds can fix, such as blocking out the sun when you want to maximize your stunning view or fitting oddly shaped windows. The five problems that we have outlined above, however, tend to be the ones that are commonly faced by homeowners of today. Remember that there are plenty of other blinds on the market and that one of these may complete the job much better than vertical ones ever could.

How A Designer Office Chair Can Improve Your Workplace

These days, it seems as if many employers are investing in some designer office chairs for their workplaces. When it comes to convincing other employers that they should also make the swap, however, they often become too caught up in how much these chairs are going to cost and forget all about the other benefits that they will be afforded. So, here is how some designer pieces will help to improve your workplace exponentially:

  • Appearance
    There can be no denying that these chairs look fantastic. Imagine that you were a potential client looking for a business to represent you – would you rather go with the one whose workplace looks like it was purchased in the 1960s or would you rather go with the one whose workplace looks like it has been properly cared for?
  • Comfort
    When you consider that your employees will spend around 8 hours a day sitting at their desks, it is understandable that you will want to ensure their comfort. Chairs that would be more at home at the dinner table will not provide any sort of cushioning (at least, not for that long), and you will notice your employees fidgeting.
  • Distinction
    If there are a lot of executives in your business, you could use designer office chairs to help create a distinction between their personal offices and those of employees lower on the hierarchy. It is likely that your executives will be expecting slightly better treatment anyway, so this is the best way to make them feel special.
  • Efficiency
    Some studies and arguments suggest that the use of much nicer chairs can actually improve the efficiency of your employees. If they are happy with their workplace, they are more likely to work productively. If they are comfortable each and every day, they are more likely to work through their workloads quicker.
  • Health
    Because most chairs manufactured these days are also ergonomic, you can rest assured that the health of your employees will be protected. The furniture is designed to encourage good (or natural) posture, to provide the back and neck with much-needed support, and to raise the arms to an appropriate typing level.
  • Impressions
    If you have ever heard the saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression you will know that this is especially true for businesses, especially if you’re trying to get clients. Designer chairs can actually help make your workplace look more professional, which potential clients will immediately pick up on and take note of.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that designer office chairs can improve your workplace – all you have to do is give them a chance. And, because we understand that this investment is not one that comes cheap, we are not saying that you should give every single employee designer office furniture – why not start with your executives and see where it goes from there? Just make sure that you have taken these points into consideration.

What To Pack For Himalayan Trekking Adventures

For many thrill seekers, a Himalayan trekking adventure could be just what the doctor ordered – the region is home to some of the tallest mountains in the world and offers some of the best views you can imagine. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning for some serious trekking or just for some walking, you need to ensure that you have packed the essentials.

  • Backpack – This is where you will need to store everything you might need during the day, as well as any valuables. Make sure that the backpack is of a lightweight material and has a waist strap. Some people like to lock the compartments for added security.

  • Hand Sanitiser – This might seem like a strange item to pack, but it should be noted that running water may not be found at all locations whilst Himalayan trekking. A small, travel sized bottle can be handy for just before digging into your snacks.
  • Headlamp or Torch – Many of the villages you pass through may not have much in the way of streetlights, so you might appreciate a headlamp or handheld torch. Make sure you carry spare batteries or a charger so that you can have access to light at all times.
  • Medical Kit – It is a good idea to carry a basic medical kit, as it is often the occurrence of minor injuries that ruin the trip. The kit should include gauze, bandages, disinfectant, aspirin, antibiotics, duct tape (it’s good for blisters!), lip balm and sunscreen.
  • Snacks – You will need food that you can snack on as you walk (such as energy bars, nuts, chocolate and lollies). Pack these in small amounts, so that you can keep daily portions in your backpack and the rest of your snacks in your main luggage.

  • Sturdy Footwear – This is the most important item to pack, as you are sure to end up walking a lot. If you are doing some serious trekking, make sure you have proper mountaineering boots; it’s a good idea to carry a few pairs of shoes just in case you ruin a pair.
  • Sun Protection – If your Himalayan trekking tour is taking you to higher altitudes, you might be surprised to learn that the ultraviolet rays can be quite strong. Make sure you pack hats, sunglasses and a high SPF sunscreen to ensure you are protected.
  • Warm Clothing – Keep in mind that several layers of clothing will be needed most of the time. Long sleeved tops, tracksuit pants, jumpers and warm jackets are a must. Gloves and thermal underwear are also a good idea if your journey will take you into the mountains.
  • Water – You will need to have a 1 liter, reusable water bottle with you at all times. Buying water as you travel may not always be possible, so make sure that you also carry water purifying agents or a portable UV filter to ensure that you always have access to clean water.

Whilst we certainly have not covered everything that you will require during your Himalayan trekking adventure, we have covered those items that you will need to have the most enjoyable experience. Make sure you write a checklist and then tick each item off as you pack it; this will ensure that you don’t forget anything important and are prepared for every eventuality.

Beautiful Turkey Villages.. A Weekend Well-Spent !!

Turkey offers great wealth in term of beautiful villages where one can visit and spent his time well on a weekend, below is a detailed list about a must visit villages in turkey during vacation or on a weekend.


It is surrounded on 3 sides by water and is spread over seven hills, this is a breathtaking beautiful village, the city’s natural charm is measured by the audacious architecture, it has smart restaurant with smarter patrons, they have professional stuff who attends one’s need to satisfaction, swimming clubs are also present which one can join to spent leisure time.


It is among the few left villages along the coast that has retained their original architecture, it is an Island with cute little stone house of the town which are major tourist attraction, this village has a castle that is fatally photogenic and lively fun fish restaurants, this place is accessible by a sweet ferry crossing from main land, it is thus a great place of one to spent a weekend.


This is a small village that is connected by a rough track to the mainland, it is also visited by excursion boats that returns before sunset to the base, this place hosts a number of waterside fish restaurant that one may spent a weekend on, it is a perfect cliché and a joy to visit.


This is among Turkey’s most fashionable resorts, it has a couple of gourmet s and clutch boutique hotels in converted old stone house that were initially abounded, those hotels are attended by professional stuffs , nightlife is enjoyable due to the present of cool music .


This is a great place of one with cultural and history interest about Turkey to visit, this is because this village has seen no change since nineteenth century, strolling around cobbled street one is in a better position to learn the culture and of Turkey, during weekend this town is visited by a lot of visitors and it is thus a great place of one to visit and interact with friends and strangers from all part of turkey and world at large.

Kaleici (Antalya)

This is a great village of one whose romance relies on injection of culture and history to visit, the old Antalya part above the harbor is the best place, on a visit to this place one should carefully pick a place to stay, the best places being at classier hotels located further from the harbor, inside Kaleici one has a lot to do and see, one is also within a tram ride to the Antalya museum one of the best in the country.


Cappadocia has beautiful rock formations with caves that locals have put under different uses such as private homes, wineries, frescoed churches and complete underground cities, it was once known of its backpacker pensions, it is now a heartland of Anatolia with more boutique hotel that are built inside caves complexes, it is thus a great place of one to spent a weekend and enjoy underground features, with a Turkish visa one is on a great position to travel and enjoy all the beautiful Turkish villages.

Worried about credit score after foreclosure?

When a consumer applies for mortgage loan for the purchase of property, the property that is purchased is submitted as security for the loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender holds the right to lien and so the real estate can be auctioned at his will to recover the loan amount. It can be processed legally. As a result the credit record of the borrower gets much affected. It becomes impossible to apply for loan or to use credit cards for quite a long period. It becomes inevitable to rebuild the credit at the earliest.

It is not impossible to enhance the credit ratings without installment loans for bad credit

The credit history is the one thing in the credit report that cannot be repaired at any point of time. To amend this, you can adopt certain strategies. All the unnecessary interest rates should be controlled. The payments due to credit card loans and unsecured loans cover a huge amount of interest. This unnecessary expense can be cut off by avoiding the usage of credit cards for some time at least. Since you need not follow the payment schedule due to credit card debts, your burden is much reduced. You will not have to worry anymore about the late fees due to delayed repayment.

Surrendering the assets that are submitted as collateral will help to settle the loan completely and this will improve your credit score to a great extent. It is a wise move to dispose the pledged assets rather than paying interest for a longer time. Nil liability on your balance sheet will help to improve the credit ratings. You will do well to cancel grocery store card or other shopping cards which carry service charges or installment interest on the loan increasing the cost of the purchase. Medical services and insurance coverage are those that are to be retained.

Planning the budget is highly important. Your income and expenses should be recorded to verify if you need to mend your financial behavior. Avoiding loans for the expenses or purchases that can be postponed will help to limit your expenses. Cancelling the credit services will keep your credit score stable though not increase immediately. However, you can see the increase gradually. This is the right time to apply for a new credit card with a very low limit of financial support. To increase the credit ratings, you need to apply for a prepaid credit card and a debit card.

The debit card can be used for gas filling and the credit card can be used for the purchase of grocery and other monthly requirements, and the prepaid credit card can be used for paying off the household bills. Making prompt payment of the credit card dues will help to improve the credit score pretty fast. It is not enough if you make a good plan either on your own or with the guidance of your financial counselor. You need to have the determination to implement your budget to rebuild the credit ratings after foreclosure.

Car title loans – is it a threat to your vehicle?

Submitting the title of the vehicle to get financial support is termed as car title loans. When you are denied loans from banks and other financial organizations due to bad credit, you can depend on car title loans to satisfy your financial requirements. It is not difficult to get loans by pledging the title of the vehicle as the lenders are assured of the money. However, the interest rates are quite high and so there is substantial risk for the vehicle if you do not repay the loan. The term is short and so most of the borrowers find the repayment a great stress.

Features of car title loans for short term

While signing the loan agreement you authorize the lenders to dispose the vehicle to recover the loan amount in case of default. The loan is termed as title loan as the ownership of the vehicle is presented as security to get approval for the loan. The loan term is mostly 30 days. You can extend the loan term if you are not able to settle the loan by that time. The lender allows renewal by charging interest additionally. However, the number of times for renewal is limited. The instant support is considered the main advantage in the offer. However, you should commit to title loans after you become aware of the disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is the high interest rate. The repayments are real burden as you are required to return the loan in a very short time. The loans are similar to payday loans as far as the cost and the term are considered. However, in payday loans you do not have anything to lose whereas in car title loans, the vehicle is no more yours if you fail to repay as agreed. But you can expect to get the terms relaxed in car title loans but this is not possible with payday loans. The reason for flexible terms is the guarantee in the form of vehicle.

Urgent financial requirements might make you ignore the disadvantages in the offer of title loans. It is suggested by the financial advisors that you try other offers of instant support before you commit to a car title loan. The cost of the loan aggravates the financial crisis for most of the borrowers as the term is short for repayment. Though the lenders have the assurance in the form of the vehicle, the risk for the lenders cannot be underestimated. If the rate of the vehicle gets depreciated, the value of the vehicle becomes lesser and there is the possibility of loss for the lender while disposing the vehicle to recover the loan amount.

This is the reason why many of the lenders are not for car title loans. The lenders who approve the loan application charge high interest rates to minimize the risk. Fearing the risk in the offer, many try other options before deciding on car title loans. Loans from friends or family members can be considered. If you cannot get direct financial support from your family members or friends, you can get them cosign the loan for you. Considering the responsibility they assume in cosigning the loan for you, you should be very specific about being prompt in your loan repayments. The financial counselors can help you understand better whether the offer of car title loan can be beneficial to you or not.

Want A Permanent Solution For Drain Blockage? Check This

Using of chemicals, drain cleaner for certain level goes good but after that point, one might need some external help to unblock the drain. Usually every person faces the problem of blockage in drain as they will use the bathroom or the toilet where the flow of water starts to slow down and eventually might cease. This needs to be cleared with the help of professional sewer who has the idea of cleaning the sewer. This is possible as they have much equipment that is used for the same purpose. The choice of the cleaning has to be done by looking at the problem. Not always the work has to be by cleaning the whole drain but one can just check for the problem at a specific place and clean it.

Stepwise Cleaning

It is important to start cleaning with stepwise action. Cleaning with multiple cleaners and doing it all at one time might not help. So it is good to visit websites to get more information about different cleaners who and how do they do it. This helps to get an idea. Sometimes, the cleaning has to be done by spraying some chemical in the initial stage. This helps to avoid any form of infection as well as to remove the tangles between the blockages. The next step might be to dissolve those substances which can be some chemicals. These things have to be handled with care as any misuse might bring more damage. So, for any person who cleans the drain should make sure that these things are kept in tight quantity without wasting it and to make sure that it won?t reach children at any time.

Booking A Cleaner

It won’t take long to book a cleaner who takes care of a sewer, but one has to know them before booking. This can be done by talking to them and other people who are facing the problem. Going to those who are known for a long time for the same will be good. But sometimes, it should also be based on the work one has to do. It can be for a short distance, right at the bottom of the drain or the whole connection that has to be cleaned. When such things us what one needs to decide on, it is better to check at who are known to solve all of them by providing a right career.