Best cars of the decade

Lots of cars are unleashed onto the market every year but just a few of them make a major impact on the market as the best cars of the year. This article is dedicated to the cars that have managed to make that impact through the past decade and made it to the top 10 cars of the decade. A number of factors are considered when making the list and this includes:

booking practical driving test

- Price

- Reliability

- Design

- Engine power

- Speed

- Fuel Consumption

- Wow factor

And many more that will be explained as we give you the list from 2004 to 2013.

Toyota Prius:

This may be the slowest car on this list but the second generation Prius made it’s mark in 2004 as it thrilled millions with its:

- fuel efficiency,

- sleek design

- Energy recapture as it decelerates

- Ample passenger and cargo room.

- Many were also enticed by its video game like experience created by the screen that provided information about hybrid energy usage.

For a base price of £12,004 this car was a good bargain.

Ford Mustang GT:

With 300 horse power under the hood this 2005 model was quite a bargain going for £15002.7. But the price was not all. It also boasted of:

- Eye catching design inspired by the late 60s Mustang

- Fuel economy (4.6 litre)

- Good road manner

- Live axle setup

- 5 speed manual and auto

All in all this car was a winner.

Volkswagen GTI

In the 70s VW produced what was referred to in Europe as the pocket rocket and in 2010 they made a number of improvements to that same car and presented the GTI in a sleek design. Because of its size it is the kind of car you think of using when booking practical driving test. But that is not all, this car is a winner because of its:

- Practicality

- Flexible steering

- 200 horse power (turbo charged)

- Monster acceleration like a Mazda

- Eye catching interior

- Base price of £14517.11

Porsche Boxster:

Let’s face it no list of best cars is complete without a true sports car with the ability to eat up the road in the list amount of time. That is what the Porsche Cayman is. For the rich boys who love speed. This was the toy they were going for in 2012. Why you ask? Well because it has:

- Sporty design

- 330 horse power

- £29449.18 base price

- Dual auto and manual shifting mode

Range Rover Sport:

For the SUV lover this is the ultimate 4×4 driving experience. It is slightly on the higher side (£59995) and does not do well on fuel economy but its performance makes up for that. Its selling points are:

- Luxurious interior

- Great grip when cutting corners

- Noise reduction

Those who bought it did so because they had the money to spend buying and fueling it.

BMW 3-Series:

BMW managed to combine all factors needed to qualify for a spot as best car in 2013. The 3-series spread out its appeal to a wider market based on design, performance and price. Its main selling points are:

- Fuel efficiency (3.0 liter engine)

- Despite its elegant design it packs 300 horse power

- Reasonable weight of 3450-3750lb

- Base price of £22445.53

- Comfortable seats

- Spacious interior

- High performance on road tests

- Great customer reviews

One thing though has stood out through the decade, fuel efficiency is a major factor considered when choosing the top cars which is why a number of seemingly great cars failed to make it to the top list.

Top 5 Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas

There is high competition in the auto repair industry. Good marketing ideas can make the difference between profitability or success and loss. Below are Top 5 Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas:

Get Involved in Your Community

In the event that you have the sort of business that buyers don’t typically ponder until they require your administrations or items, you have to assemble brand mindfulness in different ways so when people do require your administrations or items, yours is the first business that rings a bell.
Top 5 Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas
One approach to make mindshare in the lives of nearby shoppers is to be available and animated in your group. Joining community and city business and systems administration assemblies, supporting youth games groups, school projects, coaching or tutoring projects or supporting neighborhood philanthropies are simply a couple of the advertising and systems administration strategies that can acquaint you with future clients and start to manufacture positive brand cooperation in their personalities – before you have even had an opportunity to “amazing” them with your administrations and items!

Get More Referrals

Clearly expressions of mouth advertising has enormous influence concerning developing a car administration, repair or supply business. Numerous individuals don’t have a clue about a ton about auto upkeep and they stress over being duped or accepting poor administration – an issue that could bring about them ending up stranded some place as an afterthought of the way amidst no place.

Raise trust with anxious and inquisitive purchasers by leveraging client testimonials in your immediate and email promoting interchanges, on informal organizations and obviously on your business site, as well.

Offer rewards for clients who allude companions or family to your business, and thank them for finishing so with a written by hand card to say thanks. Be open about telling your clients that you need more clients “like them” and welcome them to impart your social networking profiles or email bulletins with their contacts.
Top 5 Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas1
Get Recognition and Press Coverage

A considerable lot of the promoting strategies depicted above can give you with the foundation to producing a press discharge. Customarily, to get press scope implied you needed to have an association with a part of the media. Now, on account of the web and the commonness of appropriated toward oneself stages (sites, email bulletins, websites, informal communities and paid press discharge administrations) anybody can create press discharges that get read – paying little mind to whether the neighborhood paper decides to distribute them.

Utilize the Power of Social Networking

Expressions of-mouth publicizing is even now ruler in the car repair promoting world, and what preferable approach to influence this over by utilizing long range informal communication. In the event that you haven’t finished so recently, make a Facebook page and begin earnestly advertising it. Assuming that fundamental, offer an uncommon coupon to the individuals who “like” your profile. Begin utilizing administrations like Twitter to get nearby clients intrigued by your business–share interesting stories and repair tips and traps, and keep it light and fun. The objective here is to assemble bona fide backing, or amiability.

Join Your Advertising Tactics

In case you’re not utilizing a joined auto repair publicizing methodology, you are passing up a great opportunity for building your client base. It’s conceivable to utilize accepted advertising, for example, daily paper and radio ads, and additionally join social promoting and internet showcasing endeavors, as long as you’re following the effects deliberately. For instance, some of our effective clients run a solitary crusade crosswise over various sorts of advertising–radio, online networking, their site, our New Customer Finder–and they actually bring things like Group on into the mix. The profit to this methodology is that you achieve distinctive assemblies of individuals with diverse media, and you make it simple for potential clients to react on the grounds that they have one, as well as numerous choices and can decide to react in whatever way is most effortless for them.

These marketing ideas will definitely earn you profit in your auto repair services. You can also market yourself by asking a person to acquire a provisional licence. This news will spread fast and will market your business.

Find out How Awarding Trophies and Medals can Spur on Your Team

If you run a sports team or an organisation you may be wondering whether it’s worth investing in a trophy to award your team or staff. The answer is a big yes! Trophies and medals are great awards and encourage teams and individuals to work to the best of their abilities. Check out all the great benefits that trophies provide below.

Trophies Encourage People to Achieve

The actual act of winning something is great, but to have a trophy or award makes the winning more palpable. People actually have something to hold and keep forever. Knowing this will make people more likely to work harder to win the award. Whether it’s a school football team or an adult dance troupe, competitors will want to earn that award and therefore push to achieve it.

Trophies Provide a Sense of Tradition

Ever since the first Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, medals and trophies have been given out to award feats in athletics and sports. Therefore, to receive an award now makes the person feel part of a larger history. An award is something that can be kept and passed down to family or future sporting team members.

A great example of a traditional trophy is a presentation shield; this type of award can be engraved with the names of a different winner or a particular team each year. Therefore, the current champion can feel a part of a greater tradition.
Awards Ceremony

Whether its a sports, academic or corporate award, an awards ceremony makes winning a trophy that extra bit special; it adds a touch of authenticity and allows the winners to bask and reflect on their win. Loved ones can also gather and celebrate the achievements with the recipient.

Giving trophies with a ceremony makes the act of giving it more authentic and is enjoyable for everyone. A ceremony doesn’t have to be a flashy or expensive occasion; even children’s sports days can have an awards ceremony; allowing the parents to celebrate their children’ achievements.

Trophies Can Be Kept Forever

Even after the win has come and gone, a trophy can still be displayed or kept in a special place; a reminder that the owner is talented and capable. This is why trophies and medals are popular and great for presenting to people and teams who have achieved victory. They can also be passed down through generations; making them a sentimental attachment. One day you will be able to show your grandchildren your trophy!

Trophies Produce a Positive Feeling

It is quite simple really; a trophy makes a person feel good about themselves and their accomplishments. Whether it’s for taking part or for coming first; a medal or trophy will make the recipients feel happy about their achievement. It will also encourage them to work harder in their chosen field; whether it’s sports, dance or academics, as they want to receive a trophy and feel great about themselves.

Trophies Encourage Team Spirit

If you manage or run a sporting team then you’ll find that having a trophy or medal to aim for encourages the players to work together and bond. This is because there is an award to win and everybody wants to be the team who carry the winning cup or have the medals placed around their necks.

Here at Premier Trophies we have a huge range of trophies and medals to suit all tastes, industries and budgets. Visit our site at to find out more or call us on 01934 750255.

Cardiff and Birmingham Have Been Awarded Global Athletics Championships


It has been announced that the IAAF World Half Marathon Championship will take place in Cardiff in 2016 and the following two years later in Birmingham the World Indoor Championships.

The decision will make a golden period for the UK filled with plenty of sports with the IAAF and IPC World Championships aqre scheduled for London in 2017 and the World Mountain Running Championships are scheduled for Conwy, North Wales, in 2015.

UK Athletics CEO Niels de Vos said: “This is a fantastic day for British Athletics and represents the best possible outcome.

“To have secured world championships in 2015, 16, 17 and 18 represents a golden four year period for athletics.

“We are all very proud of what ourselves and the cities of Cardiff and Birmingham have achieved today – it is unprecedented and is fabulously exciting.”

IAAF vice president Lord Sebastian Coe said: “The IAAF recognised that the Birmingham bid was a winner and the Council were delighted that the city was happy to be awarded the World Champs in 2018.

“For athletics in the UK it makes great strategic sense, giving us an amazing opportunity to maintain the incredible momentum athletics has built up in the UK.

“Ed (Warner) and Niels deserve huge credit for persuading the IAAF to return again so soon as do the cities of Cardiff and Birmingham for preparing such compelling presentations.”

Great Team Building for you Athletics Team

paint balls

As we look towards the next Olympics in Brazil teams will be looking at ways to become closer as a unit and a great way for team building is paintballing which gets you to work in teams and complete objectives such as capture the flag where you have to work as a team to capture the flag and return it to your base.

If you are interested in taking your team on trip then you may want to get some equipment together and we recommend that you visit who have some discount paintball gear and the best deals in their paintball store so you will get some real value for money.

Paintballing shows your athletes the true meaning of team work and that if they make it about them self then they will fail the team but if they work as a team they can reach their goals.

30 welsh paralympians will take part in London 2012

One person to watch out for this year is Nathan Stephens who has should some sign that he could win gold. DSW Jon Morgan said he is delighted with the results and said Wales always had the ability to win gold at the Paralympics.

Athlete Aled Sion Davies said; “As a first time Paralympian this is without a doubt a dream come true. I have been training for seven long years for this moment. Believe me when I say, I will make Wales, Britain, my family and friends proud in London come September.”

There are growing signs that the Walsh are taking their sport seriously 17 Welsh competitors in the ParalympicsGB team, 24 in Athens and 31 in Beijing. One thing we all know is the Wales has helped out GB a lot with their gold count in the Paralympics.


Could he be the next big Scottish Star?

AN ATHLETICS coach is desperately seeking funds to fly a Gambian sprinter back to Scotland in time for the Commonwealth games.
Morro was first noticed by one of Scotland ’s top coaches, Mr Walker, when he broke the Scottish 100m record for the under-16 group when he was 14.
But Mr Walker is now facing a hefty £500 airline bill and is trying to raise funds to have Morro returned.
He plans to donate £100 from a £1000 award he recently received and is looking to raise the remainder from donations.

Scottish swimmer adjusts to American culture, athletics

No matter the sport, the battle between coaches in the Southeastern Conference and beyond reaches across state lines to capture the commitment of sought-after high school athletes.

For the LSU men’s swimming team, one of its most prized recruits in recent years wasn’t found near Louisiana. In fact, then-assistant swimming coach Dave Geyer couldn’t even meet Craig Hamilton face-to-face.

But in the pool, Geyer said the transition from meters to yards can wreak havoc on international swimmers. As far as he and others can tell, Hamilton has had no ill effects.

“We knew the potential was there [for Hamilton],” Geyer said. “It was just a step-by-step process for him.”

In addition to holding three school records, Hamilton has qualified for three straight NCAA Championships and garnered an honorable mention All-American 15th place finish in the 1,650-freestyle last season.

Hamilton said the upcoming NCAA Championships will be his best yet, with his seeded time in the top 16. He hopes to build on the experience gained from the last two championship meets to outdo his previous finishes.

“I feel like I’ve capitalized [on Geyer’s training style], and I’ll be closer to the top 16 than ever,” Hamilton said.

Cambuslang Couple Earn Scottish Unsung Hero Award

Janice eaglesham and Ian Mirfin have scooped up the Scottish Unsung Hero Award for their incredible work at Red Star Athletics Club in Dennistoun, Glasgow.

They have helped over 150 athletes since 1990 and have inspired everyone that they have worked with. they are so proud to accept this award and say they will continue to do their hard work and the return they get for their hard work is more prized than money, seeing athletes take part and help disabled people get involved in their activities is a more rewarding prize.