Become a Partner School

Would you like to be involved in training teachers and future leaders?

We are looking for schools capable of supporting and mentoring trainees through their teacher training programme.
Partner schools need to be able to:
  • develop a trainee’s teaching and learning skills
  • develop a trainee’s subject knowledge to cover all aspects of the relevant curriculum(s)
  • provide opportunities for trainees to work with colleagues with a proven track record in teaching
  • enable trainees to understand the role of a teacher in a school
  • enable trainees to observe all aspects of school life
  • enable trainees to see different career opportunities when working in schools

If you feel that this is your school, please contact us for further details.

  • Help shape teacher training programmes to meet the needs of the 21st Century school
  • Work with enthusiastic and motivated trainees who want to develop their practices
  • Share good/innovative practice with a network of schools
  • Belong to a strong network of schools at the forefront of school improvement
  • CPD opportunities for colleagues to work within our organisation as trainers, mentors, professional tutors

Work with us as a partner school on one of our School Direct programmes.

Become a School Direct Lead School

A School Direct Lead School is a school that wants to develop a tailored training programme with us, to suit the needs of your school and your trainees. We would work together to decide which elements of the programme would be covered by yourselves and or your partner schools, and which are going to be covered by us. School Direct Lead Schools will bid for their own allocations of training places each academic year.

Our Lead Schools are Lincroft Academy, Maplefields Academy, Samuel Pepys School, Peter Pan Teaching School Alliance, Acorns Teaching School Alliance and West Hertfordshire Teaching School Partnership.


If you would like to speak to a colleague to discuss this in more detail please contact Su Bernard on 01234 827145For both Primary and Secondary enquiries.


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