Become a Partner School

Would you like to work in partnership with SAF ITT and play a crucial role in developing teachers of the future?

A good partnership school will support in
  • developing a trainee’s teaching and learning skills
  • developing a trainee’s subject knowledge to cover all aspects of the relevant curriculum
  • providing opportunities for trainees to work with colleagues with a proven track record in teaching
  • enabling trainees to understand the role of a teacher in a school
  • enabling trainees to be involved in all aspects of school life

If you feel that this is your school, please contact us for further details at 

  • help shape teacher training programmes to meet the needs of your school and the local area
  • work with enthusiastic and motivated trainees who want to develop their practice
  • share good practice in training teachers with a network of schools
  • belong to a strong network of schools at the forefront of ITT
  • CPD opportunities for trainers and mentors 

To work with us as a partner school on one of our Lead Schools, please contact us for further details at 

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